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9.44 @ 151MPH

Matt Webber ran our first 9 sec FG ZF 6 speed pass last night, being so close a number of occasions has been frustrating to say the least.

9.95@140mph was the time, his mph was down from what it normally runs but we got there, We built the ZF over18 month ago & only recently pulled it down for a clutch assessment were I decided to run the Exedy frictions & yes it still has the cryo & shot peened input shaft, I personally believe that it's a combination of how we set the box up & the latest ZF file that I have developed with the help of Matt's feedback (test mule) is the reason this gear box has defied all normal expectation's.

Big thank you also goes out to Kev@ Process West, Mark@ MTA Turbochargers, Dave@ KPM, Peter@ TCE convertors & all of our friends for their support through this journey.