Crescent Motorsport
Unit 1, 25/27 Whyalla Place
Prestons, NSW 2170

Phone: 02 9826 8664
Fax: 02 9826 0092

Self employed since 1988, with trade certificates in vehicle Automotive,  Automotive Electrical & Automotive LPG , Joe has slowly carved out a career to the level which is seen today. Heavily involved in the 80's  firstly as a crew member for a private Ford Cosworth Rallying team then finally pursuing his passion & becoming a driver with his Mitsubishi Lancer which was then called Group 7 Motorsport. Joe's other love was road racing, involved in the 250cc production class for a few years & being able to race on famous tracks such as Oran Park & Amaroo Park was also an experience that never will be experience again. Other interests include 100cc Clubman heavy for a short spell & then finally as tech assist for a local F3 team.

Being in business for such a long time has to say something, winning local business awards, participating in charity events & the go out of his way attitude that is still present today.


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