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SCT X4 Performance Programmer


SCT X4 Performance Programmer 





Unlocking the true power potential of your BA, BF, FG, Territory & Mustang, is now literally the press of a button away utilising the SCT X4 Performance Programmer

The X4 Performance Programmer can store up to 10 tune files which can be custom tuned by CMS to suit your needs, so having a e70, e85, 98 or a 91 tune is now just a matter of programming the nominated file, once the correct fuel is used & that's it!  

Following a very simple loading procedure, select your Custom Program and within a matter of minutes your Factory Program is stored safely within the SCT unit, replaced by your chosen Custom Program.

SCT's Power Flash Device can instantly add more power, more torque and even increase your vehicle's fuel economy.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can switch between performance and factory tunes.

The NEW X4 Performance Programmer even comes with user adjustable features and on-device high speed datalogging and monitoring for most vehicles.

Now you can data log your all of your vehicles PCM parameters and view them on your Windows based computer using SCT's Live Link Software. The Live Link software package is available FREE to all SCT customers and can be downloaded from the SCT website




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