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Supercharger upgrades


Whipple Supercharger 


Blown Away by Gen 3
There is no denying frontrunners Whipple Superchargers’ recent success Down-Under – Particularly within Mustang circles since the Australian delivery early 2016. If you’ve seen a blown Mustang punching numbers above and beyond 600hp… chances are Matt Smith, Head of Product Development Yella Terra played a heavy part in supercharging the build.
To keep the wheels turning, Whipple have since announced the release of the third generation (Gen 3) Twin-Screw Supercharger… a move sure to keep them lengths clear of any conceivable competition. “We have been using the Gen 2 technology successfully for nearly nine years, but we believed there was a product evolution that needed to happen to continue its success in the future,” Dustin Whipple, Vice President at Whipple Superchargers, explained.
So how improve the highly acclaimed largest, most powerful and most efficient supercharger?
“The Gen 3 features new rotors with precision, robotically sprayed, conformal PTFE coating that adapts to the application and clearances needed. The all-new rotors feature a tighter helix 3/5 profile, along with tighter tolerances that minimize power consumption and leakage at high RPM and PSI. The updated rotor housing features revised port timing and bearing shape for increased rotor filling, along with a new, angled rib pattern for a more aggressive look.” Explained Dustin Whipple.
Improved volumetric efficiency and revised port shape allows for increased rotor filling and decreased turbulence. The Gen 3 now runs smarter not harder - claiming 10-80 degrees cooler than Gen 2. Whilst gains anywhere between 30hp (standard & pump fuel) and up to 150hp (modified) are readily achievable at the rears.


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