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SCT Eliminator Switch Chip


SCT  Single Program Eliminator Chips




The Eliminator Chips are available for Ford EA – EL Falcons and can be programmed and cleared an infinite amount of times.
A single or a 5 program, 4 bank custom chips dramatically IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, FUEL ECONOMY, TORQUE and KILOWATTS while IMPROVING THROTTLE RESPONSE, and eliminating the factory REV and SPEED Limiters.

You can easily switch between custom tune files with the purchase of our Program Selector and Cable. The Program Selector is required for each vehicle with more than one custom tune and it includes a built in ANTI-THEFT dial selection that disables the PCM! No need to stop and shut off your vehicle, you can switch between customs tunes while driving!

Covering an extensive range of E series ECU’s (I6 & V8) we can tune your Ford for either N/A or Forced with great results!


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